Why being a Super Senior is AWESOME.

  1. You get automatic authority to lord over the mere mortals who have dared to co-habit the hostel with you.
  2. You can CUT through any damn line.
  3. You are offered food in the hope that you shall not RAG the poor kid who is offering her Maa-ke-haath-ke-bane-laddoo to you. This hardly succeeds. Ragging is inevitable.
  4. You're the ultimate authority in matters of heart, money, college, tuitions.
  5. You always enter the Mess hall first and may choose any place to sit.
  6. When you enter a Junior's room, Pin-Drop silence prevails.
  7. The Warden/Matron/Minions all listen to you.
  8. We get the best rooms of the hostel!
  9. We have the right to wake up any Junior from her sleep and ask her to find out  our names,courses and places of residence!
  10. And the best part! We get wished "Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Ma'am" regardless of where we are! Its so funny when at college a junior will wish her Prof and then wish the senior near her!
    Professor's befuddlement?

As its my last year at undergrad and that I'll soon be ragged myself next year (Shudder!) I'm trying to complete as many of my Dil-ki-hasrate as possible!


But I'm not a mean senior :) I do look after my juniors too!
This is just the part of hostel life everybody must go through.
Even I did!
So will they!


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  1. wonderful nostalgic post. :) Miss those days.

  2. Yeah..who ever I tell this stuff to, always says that he/she loved their college life..

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