Hostel and Maggi.

If ever there was a quick and easy to make comfort food made, Its called Maggi.

Available in packs of 5 rupees to 50, it suits the Indian household budget as well as the Indian taste bud.

Lethal combo ain't it?

Well all the science aside, Its a hosteler's staple diet.

Be it sun, rain or weight gain,
Maggi has to be eaten, with masala or plain.

Its the ultimate source of happiness to the hungry and beguiled hosteler, who has piles of clothes waiting to b washed, books, waiting to be touched , and classes that he hasn't been to all year.

The strong whiff of cooked Maggi can heal broken hearts/bones, whatever your ailment. :)

Its the choice of food for late night chats.
Its something you can mix dry and munch away.
Its an integral, an irreplaceable part of life.
Maggi is everything.

My Maggi story is that I used it to cheer up a home-sick junior today :)
This junior wished me in the corridor and when I wished her back, I saw that she was crying.
Immediately the loving senior inside me came to her aid!
The poor soul was missing her mum, she hadn't spoken to her since many days..
So I took her aside, asked her about herself, and asked her if she'd eaten.

I dont' understand one thing.
If you're missing someone, does not eating remedy it?


So I cooked up some Maggi for this sad child and made her eat it.
Best feeling I have ever had..

She is happy now..I'm glad.

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