Kamla Nagar Bargaining.

Being a Mall-girl, I really didn't know what smaller level markets held, or had had much experience of buying export surplus goodies.
So when I joined hostel at North Campus, I tagged along with my new found girlfriends to shop till I dropped :)

Central road through KN
Here's what I found:

Shop no 1: Funky Shorts.

Location: Mc Donalds lane. Big Billboard.

Pricing : You got everything between 50 to 150 bucks. THATS IT! 150 bucks is the ceiling.

Stuff found:

  • Funky shorts(Denim,cotton,lycra etc)-99 bucks each.
  • If you go underground into the shop, you'll find loads of stuff under 150/- Tops,Jackets,Frocks,Accessories etc etc.
My take: I bought a lot of long sweaters from there in the winter, all at 150 bucks. The quality was pretty good considering how cheap it is! Colours were good, there is a fitting room inside the shop, variety is great. I  always check this shop out.

Shop no 2: Thela near Book House.

These are the types of earrings he sells.
Location: Mc Donalds lane, Next to Fastrack/Converse showroom.

Pricing : 5/-

Stuff found:
  • Earrings Galore! You'll find them made of glass,plastic,beads etc etc. Brilliantly colored stuff that'll match everything you have in your wardrobe!
  • Its so cheap that i have two boxes full of them! The quality is pretty good, not rusty stuff.
  • The guy who sells it is nice, once I took home a pair that was broken and he replaced it.
My take: BUY BUY BUY!

Shop no 3 : Woodlands,Kamla Nagar.

Location: Mc Donalds lane and also at the main Kamla Nagar lane.

Pricing: 600 to 7000/-

Stuff found:

  • It is a high end store, and I always invest in awesome footwear, cuz shoddy footwear can really mess our health up. Be prepared to shell out 1 to 2 k if you want something nice.
  • If you want something party-ish then go upwards of  2000.
  • Stuff has a lasting quality, great materials and cuts. They're super comfy and stylish.

This is one store I like hitting when the sale's on.
The 60 % off section is pretty okay.
The good stuff is to be found at the 30, 40 and 20 % off section.

Ill do the math for you.

Suppose I invest in a pair of Woodland heels costing me 1500.

Woodlands heels.

I will obviously keep them till they wear out. :P

So even if I wear it 12 times(i do it more than that !)

Its 1500/12 = 125 !!!!!!!

So I guess we can fit footwear into our budget :)

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  1. hmmm lovely blog..something different here. write more

  2. Oh wow! I loved your shopping. Gorgeous shoes and the earrings are a steal. Sweaters for Rs.150? Really? I only wish we had these kinds of choices in my part of the world. Everything is sooo expensive here. Would love to hear more from you. Drop by my new blog if u like perfumes/fragrances :) Have a wonderful day.

  3. Hey thanks you guys!
    This really feels encouraging Rakhshanda and Pandora's Box!

    Yup the sweaters are all for 150.
    You get half sleeve skivvies for 99/-

  4. Deep says:

    Hey Jill.....Really loved the new flavor of writing u have at ur blog .....keep up d good work .

  5. Thanks Deep :)

    Im gonna be doing a post about after-wax care soon, check that out :)

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