We Ragged Juniors today! Yay!

I was smiling today as I was walking down the corridor.. when I encountered a bunch of 1st years.

I did something.

I stopped smiling. 

And immediately they had fear in their eyes :P

Muhahaha (me=evil)

So the moment I stopped smiling, I asked them, "First years?"

One of them piped up, "Yes"

I said nothing, but smiled a cryptic smile and walked away!

Peeche se ek awaz ati hai, "Arrey kyun bataya ki hum 1st years hai...Ragging ho jayegi!"

And I just burst out laughin!

Man...its my 3rd year at this hostel..and the same people come in..wouldn't I know a new face when I see one? :D

Poor 1st yearies....:P

So right after dinner, we made them sit in the Mess hall.

It was sooo funny..the look on their faces... like lambs to slaughter!

Well we did nothig of the sort... we just made them ramp walk in a line to us and introduce themselves in "Shudh Hindi"


Most of them didn't know that B.Com H is called "वाणिज्य विशेष" in हिंदी !
And that Eco H is अर्थशास्त्र विशेष in हिंदी!

After that, we bid them to call us Ma'am till they got their Fresher's Bash!
Also they're supposed to find out our Introductions that include our Name,Place of Residence, Course, Year and a few more tid-bits.

Its amazing fun!
Watch this space for more Hostel Goss :)

The Evil Senior :)

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  1. How I miss college days :)

  2. Yea...its my last year now..:(

  3. Hah! I can recall tha day abt a year back when i was the principal's office for alleged ragging.. hah! Cant forget those hostel days!


  4. Wow! That must've been really scary man!

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