Blog Awards! (Yay!)

Big love to Pandora's Box for the award mania!

Here are 7 things about me:

  • I can kill creepy crawlies with my bare hands :P
  • Becoming a chef is my secret ambition.
  • I love to Sing!
  • I have a tiny mole on my upper lip :)
  • I love my mum n dad.
  • I can read through a storm :P
  • I'm a commitment-phobe right now. :(

Time for the questions!

Name your favorite colors: I love all of them!Name your favorite song: Sweet Child of mine :)
Name your favorite dessert: Death by Chocolate 
What pisses you off: Irrationality, Non-sense, Lies.
When you're upset you: Sleep it off!
Your favorite pet: A dog..wish I had one though!
Black or white: Black!
Your biggest fear: Becoming a boring housewife!
Best feature: My eyes?
Everyday Attitude:
Be nice, smile cuz it doesn't cost anything, Live and let live!

What is perfection: Completion!
Guilty pleasure: Chocolate and Long Baths!

Some blogs that I love:
Pandora's Box
The Cupcake Blog
Peaches and Blush
Beauty and the Bullshit
Simple Indian Food
The Shoe Girl's Blog
The Sweet-treats Baking Blog.
Passionate about Baking
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  1. Congratulations hon you deserve it.

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