A song for you.

Lets face it.

Rihanna is like a lot of fun to watch/listen to due to her risque outfits and biting lyrics(especially after the Chris Brown thingy), but only some of her tracks deserve the "Replay" button.

But I have a special place in my heart for this song :)

ITS SO KICK-ASS! (To start with)

Yes, I would like you to love me like a Hot Guy/Ride :P

Plus the beats are so catchy, I start singing this in the shower!

Ooh and this plays at most of the stores around town. So when I'm in a trial room and this is blaring into my ears, I feel a little happier when they don't have my size.
*Insert Nerdy Smiley here*

I would wanna sing this for a guy (when I do decide that I want to be in a relationship in the first place!)

That leads to my next question.
Is it a cardinal sin to be single?

Believe you me, A girl's hostel is not the place where being single is very appreciated.
Rather its perceived as a failure to participate in an arcane mating ritual that every adolescent girl must go through.
My! What a great deal am I missing!
(Heavy dose of sarcasm)

Yes, there are a few lucky ones who find that significant other early in life.
But what about those uber-independent freaks who just don't want to be tied down?

I can't go on playing the "I love you" "How much?" "Do you love me" volley all night.
I'd rather discuss Reading Comprehensions, Amy Winehouse and the Sovereign debt crisis any day.


(I love this song! :P)

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