I'm back at Hostel!

Hostel spells long hours of chatting away with friends, shopping, late night study sessions, bathing at 3 am, eating mathris and achaar at night and all the good things.

I don't own this pic. I just like it.

Well I'm back :)

Luckily, I have the same room as I did last year!

Man, its my last year in college/hostel.

I don't remember growing up!

It still feels like yesterday when I came to DU and started an independent life.

I have changed, Yes, but at the same time, I'm still the same person..

I'm happy...Its been a beautiful journey, and I'm nearing its end.

This year is a tough year, I have my exams and all the competitive ones to look at..

Also I will be standing for the post of College or Hostel president!
So wish me luck!

I hope I can handle this year with a lot of caution, preparation and organisation.

I hope God keeps showering me with his blessings..

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  1. Hope you achieve all your goals for this year and God blesses you with success and happiness :)

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