Soooo many tuitions. :(

If despite doing all this backbreaking, mind numbing labour I dont get through/ get a good score, I will go and beat someone up.

Someone said that "An empty head, is where the devil rests."

So to prevent a colony of devils from infesting my brain, I went an enrolled myself at IMS.

Thats a CAT coaching centre.

So I now have it form 10-12 and 4-6 and no peace of mind in between.

Don't get me wrong.

The classes are good, the bad part starts when you're out of them.

I so wanna be one of those faces stuck outside there doors with all the colleges I've cracked under my photo.

Coming back to it, Outside the class is when stuff starts unravelling.
I start forgetting.

The moment it ends, I feel like snuggling into a corner and sleeping.

I just came back from the 10-12pm one and I'm so damn hungry!
Lunch at 1.20 pm. Hostel. Thursday today.
Mundane Sambar, rice, papad, roti and subji.

Top it all with sleep deprivation.

To whosoever is listening,
All this hardwork better pay off Mister.

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