Say YES to People tree!

I swear by The People Tree earrings!

They are soooo me.

Fun and Kooky. I just LOVE them.

The range starts from 50 and goes upto 300.
(The better the material the higher the price..for exampe the silver ones are found in a differnet section altogether)

Ill show you some of the stuff I have from there:

Brass butterflies with a patchwork back made of recycled materials!
Got these for 100 I think!

This shop can be found near a Barista outlet at CP.(Connaught Place)
I know there are a billion Baristas in CP.. forgive me :(

Ill find out the exact address and post it soon!

But as whatever you buy from here goes to people who Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, and also provides them livelihood, please show your support by buying stuff from here.

I'm not advertising for People tree, its just a word of mouth thing that I'm trying to do.

They have awesome rebel tees, and bags, and watches!

Also they have really quirky pottery inside the shop. And there's this balti thats brightly painted with parrots and stuff thats always kept there.

Along with that, they keep CD's and Books too..all of them have a socio-political inclination.
But its pretty neat!

People Tree earrings remain my one true love <3

Try them!

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