Janpath Maal.

My mum is a Delhi-ite.

She had always told me that when she was my age, she and her dad (my nanu) used to get loads and loads of clothes from Janpath(the bazaar).

She's one of 3 kids and at that time, the Rajouri Garden market wasn't that big. They needed budget shopping and lots of it too.

Growing up, I always had a mental image of my mum dragging a bag full of clothes into the house, Dead-body style. :)

Ill start with the location.

Janpath can be reached by Metro (or by Rickshaw for the more adventurous!). You just have to get down at the Rajiv chowk station, read the signs and get out of the right gate.

Ignore the first few shops outside the police barricade. They're just a waste of time.

Once you're in, please be careful of your belongings. :)

I'm pretty careless >_<

So here's what you'll find:

  • Export surplus goodies- If you look closely at the tags, they seem original.
    The only reason they're here and not on a mannequin is that they don't conform to the stringent standards they demand.
    Like if its a cotton top, its not of Pima Cotton(which is a type of cotton that truly good brands make clothes of.)
  • S.Oliver stuff! AND other branded stuff.
  • Funky stuff like Jodhpurs, Harems, Afghani's, Pushkars etc etc.
  • Skirts.
  • Bags
  • Belts
  • Earrings.
  • Wash whatever you buy from Flea shops in this
  • And really super-funky stuff  if you really really scan the place!


The sellers next to the Big tree inside the barricade have a very good collection of bags. Just need good bargaining skills.

Pricing: Small stuff 80 to 150. The bigger the bag, the bigger the price.


I pay only 10 -30 bucks for them. The shops are high on visibility. You'll find lots and lots of them. Just be sure to wash them with Dettol before wearing them!


Shops are situated near the big tree there too. Just pay 50 to 100 bucks. Most are made of Rexin, a fake leather. They crack after some time. But as they're pretty funky and the price ain't high and that trends change, I feel safe to keep them as use-and-throws.

A word of caution on Janpath shopping : Especially CLOTHES.

As you know, this stuff is rejected, so be on the lookout for tears, stitching flaws, wrong cuts or sometimes the size is wrongly printed. Also sometimes the fit is bad or the colours run.

Even I suffered till I got the hang of it.

Last word, Don't get impatient, these markets are not sorted according to what you want.
The sellers get stuff by the bag for a 1000 bucks or so. The individual peices are retailed and profit is made.Stick to your price, act disinterested and walk away if they dont give you your price.

They are bound to call you back and ask you to reconsider at a price 100 bucks higher than what you are saying. If you persist, they'll fall :P

The price limit for clothes should be 150 or 350 bucks. That is the true worth of them. Anything higher than that, I'd rather buy something from a mall!!!!

Here's me modelling some steals from Janpath.

Steal no 1: Frock from Janpath- 200 bucks.

Wore it with these floral keds I bought in Singapore :)

Steal no 2: Jumpsuit- 250 bucks.

I wore the same shoes.
So I hope you guys had fun reading about my shopping experience!
Comment if you need any info!

This is truly a bad picture. The market is bigger and better than this.

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  1. Love your dresses. Everything is so cheap (yipee) I went to Delhi last year but sadly didn`t know about this place. Went to greater kailash khan market (not cheap) and karol baagh. I`m in loove with Dilli haath :) amazing stuff and its like a carnival all year round. I have a question.Does this place and sarojini nagar sell the same things? I read a post about that place and it sounds like a great bargain hub too plz check out http://phdinfashion.blogspot.com/2011/04/sarojini-nagar-shopping-101.html

  2. Tons of Love :)

    GK and Khan Market are one of the poshest markets in Delhi :)
    Its like if you buy something from any market and say its from GK, you automatically up your cool quotient.


    Karol bagh is awesome as well..Ill write a post about it sometime later:)

    Sarojini in my experience:

    The flea market sells a lot of stuff that I didnt like, but this is one market where you find a lot of shoes..Kamla Nagar is far more superior to it in terms of quality and quantity.

    Sarojini is great for Bags...there are a couple of shops that sell every bag at 200 bucks!

    Love :)

  3. loved this post...waiting for intro to more bargain shopping bazaars

  4. Sure thing!

    New post- coming up!

  5. Love janpath. I did a similar post on sarojini :)

  6. oooh..fellow fashionista! Me likey :)

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