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Hey :)

I just stepped out today to shop for some GMAT books and I decided to check out some lipbalms as I'd run out of my Lotus Strawberry Lip Balm :)

That one was amazing!
But I get bored easily,and hence didn't wanna repurchase. :)

So I got a Nivea Pure and Natural Chamomile and Calendula Lippie.

The packaging is the standard Nivea do, Its a greenish coloured roll on sort that you can slip into your bag on the run :)

It says its for Extra Mild care and Protection for Sensitive Lips.

I don't know what they mean by "Sensitive Lips", seems like a Marketing Gimmick to me.

But the "Pure and Natural" tag may be correct. Its Nivea after all.

The Price:
Rs 159/-

The Verdict:
  • It claims to be 100% preservative free, but I'm not sure how they can prevent something, that makes contact with your lips so many times a day, from going bad easily without  Preservatives.
  • It has no SPF though another variant does.
  • I personally don't want to swallow SPF on a regular basis. Hence a "No-Buy" for me!
  • I like it more than the Lotus one cuz that comes in a tub, and unless your hands are scrupulously clean everytime you use it, it'll spoil (Like my friend's did!)
  • This comes in a Lipstick format. :D
  • Calendula is a Homeopathic preparation that is very very good for the skin. It can cure rashes, pimples, burns and a volley of other afflictions.
  • Its got Camomile(known for its soothing properties), Calendula for care, Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil. Thats good enough for me!
  • I like the fact that Nivea comes up with such awesome formulations. I've never heard something bad about them!

All the pictures are mine! Please don't copy!
When its On:
  • It glides on Super Smooth:)
  • Kind of creamy in consistency.
  • Smells very non-fruity. Somewhat leaf-like.
  • Gives a transparent/sheer kind of gloss.
  • Feels like Instant Hydration! Yay!
  • Obviously needs to be re-applied.
  • No tint. Don't mind that much.
I definitely wont buy it again, purely cuz I get bored. Its a nice product, healthy, very simple to look at and very very essential to Keep your pucker PRETTY! Say bye bye to flaky lips :P
Budget friendly and long lasting. What else does a girl want? :P Thanks for reading! :)
P.S. A review of Himalaya Revitalising Night Cream coming right up!

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