Veggie Cheese Slice.


This is something I LOVE making for breakfast or as an evening snack for my bro :)
Its damn damn easy and I find it serves as my perfect fast food fix.  /hmm  

What you need :

2 pieces Brown bread.
Butter to spread.
1/2 cube cheese grated.
1 small onion chopped.
1 small capsicum chopped.
1 small tomato chopped.
A few kernels of corn to garnish.

Seasonings :

Chilli flakes

Note on the measurements : This dish is pretty much "Build-as-you-go".
Flavor it the way you want! A few sprinkles suffice for me!

Now the method :

  • Switch on the microwave's grill. 180 to 200 celsius should be fine :)
  •  An alternative is a nonstick pan which is on the lowest heat setting.
  • Apply the butter on the bread and keep aside.
  • Now in a bowl mix all the ingredients together except cheese.
  • Spread them thickly on the breads and sprinkle cheese all over.
  • Place them on a wire rack and grill till the cheese melts.
Take them out and eat!
And tell me how it was!



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