Silly Love Songs.

Bollywood frequently screws up our conception of reality.
I recently watched a crappy hindi flick, and it was very (very) hard to control my Rage at the freaks of nature that created that movie.  /shock

Boy meets Girl.

Girl -  Airy headed bimbo in designer clothes, preferably working for an NGO.

Boy - Disillusioned chap, High on muscles, She shows him the right direction to his life.

Extras (So that I repurchase the popcorn that I have eaten up in the first 10 minutes of the movie because the movie STRETCHES longer.)

Boy bumbles along.

Girl (चंट लड़की) ensnares him.


The poor bastard doesn't know whats coming.

Throw in some dancing on the desert i.e. the Dream Sequence. /XD

And then some stupid problem i.e. गुंडे , मवाली , आतंकवादी ,परिवार या प्यार or some crap.

The makers of such movies inflict untold misery on the unsuspecting masses./no

We should burn their production houses down. /shock


I frequently say, प्यार किस चिड़िया का नाम है ?

How can one "Fall in love" in this manner?
"Love at first sight"- Its just a pretty line :D

The entire concept is so mundane! Its been repeated since time eternity. 
But just because its been repeated an endless number of times, doesn't mean its a credible fact.

When someone says those three words, what does he mean?

  • I shall call you and expect you to call me all the time?
  • Even if I don't expect you to, we invariably shall, as I need to keep telling you how much I love you (or vice verse) ALL THE TIME!
  • You are my Sugar plum fairy! Koochie-Koochie-Coo!! Yay! /blur
  • I wanna marry you. (Soggy love-story type)
  • I have nothing better to do, so I might just do this. (Lame-ass-lover kind)

And many more to add.

I really don't know what this THING is.

Sounds like a beautiful illusion, that if shattered,
shall leave you rough around the edges.

Stay single, Stay happy!

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