About Cut-offs and life at DRC.


I study at Daulatram College, North Campus and I know that you probably haven't heard of it.
If you have, I'm very (pleasantly) surprised.

Our college has cutoffs (the percentages at which you must be in order to gain admission) that range from 91 to 95 percent every year.

Our college is one of those that have the maximum number of courses (like Music (H)!)
We have a fresh look to the college thanks to it turning 60 this year :)

We have an awesomeeeeeeee hostel (its the best in DU- no bragging)

And we have the most sought after courses - B.Com (H) and Eco (H).

Then why don't people hear about us?

After spending 2-1/2 years here as a residential student, I have the following reasons :

  • Bureaucratic inefficiencies : If the "Student Dealing Time" is 9.30 to 12.30, why does the clerk come at 12 ?
  • Lack of interest in students : Forget about project based learning, teachers actually advise us not to give projects.
  • Lack of Permanent teachers.
  • Lack of a Permanent Principal! Due to some shitty high court order, the appointment of new priciples has been banned. Hence we only have Acting Principals that chage every 6 months.
  • Low cutoffs.
  • Lack of competitiveness.

As we know, a first mover always is at an advantage.
Why do we follow SRCC's cutoffs?

If they come up with a 100%, we let Hansraj come up with a 98%, Miranda with a 97% and so on.
Then bacha kucha hum lene ko taiyaar ho jate hai.

Why so?
  • SRCC never wins Best Hostel.
  • Our Dramatics team won against Hansraj, SRCC and many others at the fest at IIT-Kanpur.
  • Atleast 2-3 toppers are from our college in EACH subject EVERY year.
  • Miranda too is a girls college. Just like ours.
  • Other colleges may boast of GREATS, but they completed their college 15-20 years back. Times have changed!
  • A child who is a 93 percenter isn't crap. Marks never show aptitude.
  • SRCC has atleast 1 failure among 10. This despite 100 percent cutoffs. There are some 150 students in one year. And 15 fail! A waste of 15 seats!
In conclusion, our college is just like any other DU college. 
But still we don't figure on the India Todays of this world, as our college has a strict Non-Advertising Policy. We never brag about our achievements in newspapers. 

Nowadays, the only measure of a college being Bad, Good or Great is its Cut-offs.

I call this purposeful lowering of standards. Our college has no reason to follow this messed up hierarchy.

I've always worked for the betterment of the college. I hope I'm able to leave a lasting impact before I graduate.

At least put it up on the map. Somehow.


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  1. Razor sharp analysis and rock solid points ;)

  2. Thank You :)

    You write pretty well yourself !

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