Playing with my bro's friends.

Its one of those things you think twice before doing :)

I'd gone down to get some groceries for mum, and I spotted my bro playing basketball with his friends.

Now my bro is pretty athletic and so are his friends. So I had a feeling that I would be intruding on their game.

Also add the fact that I'd not touched a basketball in the past 2-1/2 years XD

So the situation had major embarrassment potential :)

I finally pulled up my pants and asked me bro.

It went like this :

Me: "Bro can I play with you guys?"

Silence for two minutes.

Bro: "Sure thing di! But ball gandi hai."

My sweet bro, doesn't he know that I too have had my share of "mitti me khelna"?

I asked his friends once too and then bravely took the ball and shot.

Obviously it didn't go in.


Another shot.

It didn't go in.


Now I was getting a little desperate. I adjusted my shot a little and took a lay-up.



"I are undisputed god of teh arena."


After that, I shook off my rust and was one of the boys for the next hour and half.

Initially they were like 5-6 years badi di hai. Be careful with her/around her.

But when they realised that I was just one of them, they warmed up to me.

My bro too was surprised at my agility :P

He's almost always seen the calm side of me. The one who sits and studies or does art.
He's not had the same school as me and growing up, we mostly played with different groups due to the age gap :D

That and the fact that I haven't played since so many years !

I earned the respect of the boys and my bro too :)   /blush


All of it was totally worth it!  

I'm so going back tomorrow!


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  1. basketball!!!i tried it twice n na!!it never went in...haha

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