An awesome treat for your skin - Haldi and Besan.


Turmeric (Haldi) and Gram flour (Besan) are the oldest ayurvedic preparations for cleansing.
They're cheap, home-made and hence chemical free, and actually work!

Have you ever put your hands into batter for pakode?
They always come out so soft and shiny na!

So taking a cue from this, I mixed a cup full of Besan with 1 tbsp of Haldi and put it into a jar. And I apply it whenever I feel like.

I have skin thats normal to dry and this mixture will dry out your skin if you use it too much though.
But once in a while, it acts as a mild exfoliant and boosts my complexion.

For people with oily skins however, you can use it everyday. It'll actually work for you :)

Do moisturize properly after it though. This is something you should never skip.

If you have no adverse reaction to it, try mixing a drop of glycerin into a coin sized amount of rose water and applying all over your face.

Glycerin is actually a major component of all moisturizers! It feels so light and non greasy on the face /blush

Go ahead, try this out and be a natural beauty for a day /XD


NOTE : All images from google :D

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  1. Hehe :) Cheers to your smileys. :) Yeah I do use besan and haldi regularly, they make a lot of difference.

  2. Tes you are right.I do use it regularly but if you mix some chandan powder,rose water and honey,you will feel a lot of difference.

  3. people with normal to dry skin should use it once in 2 weeks...grandma's tip..:)

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