Murphy's Laws and Love.


Now I don't claim to be an authority on the subject, primarily because I myslef have never been in the "L" word!  /XD

Take it with a pinch(read-bucketload) of Iodised namak :D

So lets start with them  /blush

  1. If anything can go wrong in a relationship, IT WILL. /floor
  2. And if there are N possible ways for that to happen, it shall happen in the worst possible way.
  3. Time is inversely proportional to the number of times you express love.
  4. And the number of gifts you get.
  5. Phone bills- There is no such thing as Free Messages. (TRAI regulations strike Again!)
  6. Also the amount of lies you're expected to say increase with the amount of determination you have to make the relationship rock. (Read- "You're beautiful/thin! etc etc!!) /no
  7. Your mum/dad/uncle/aunty/bhaiya/bhabhi are bound to call you when you've snuck out.
  8. When you need a place to make out, the entire universe is gonna try and stop you by sending three eyed freaks around you. /wahaha
I shall update this as soon as I think of more silly things to write
Big Hug!


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  1. LOL! That was a fun read. :)

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