Sino-Ludhianvi Night !


Like Vir Sanghvi said, the "Chinese" we eat, isn't really Chinese! Its an amalgam of the cuisine of the North and of the Orient.

Real Chinese is too bland by Indian standards. We need टमाटर की तरी and चौंक and all those SPICES that tingle our taste buds! So Chilly Chicken was born :D

So tonight, I was bitten by the Sino-Ludhianvi bug, but feeling a bit lazy, I went for the Packet version.

Here's a pic of the end product.

I'll be uploading the recipe by tomorrow :)

Nighty Night!

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  1. Tanya says:

    chaunk me cchatri wala ch hota hai :).apart from that cheers to the post!n the dishes! u are the best cook!
    love :)

  2. Thank you soooo much :)
    Its really encouraging!

  3. And Tanya <3
    Even mum pointed out the same mistake!

    And I can't wait to "feed" u this :D

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