I haven't Blogged since AGES!

I know!


I've been dead. Like a zombie. Like a caterpillar who's overfed and fat.
Like one of those mad mosquitoes who hover through the air once they've had their fill of human BLOOD!


No, I haven't turned into a flesh eating monster. (YET!)

I've been underground, hibernating !

Due to EXAMS!!!!

They were worth 35 marks, 10% of 350 (Those are the max marks for this year.)

I hope I score atleast a 20-25 ! No high hopes or illusions about this!

All these nights have been sooooo long! I've stayed up till 5am on average, and still hobbled out of bed at 9 ish to splash my face with cold water and start the day.

MAD. Thats how I'll describe these Coffee-drenched days.  /nobigdeal

I now know what a Caffeine-high actually means!

I'm sooo hungry right now, I need my Maggi! /XD
I'm gonna make it, eat it and then post more.

See ya!


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