How to knead dough. (Atta)

So you're sick of eating rice and noodles and all that mush, and all you crave is some अच्छी सी रोटी (Roti),but there's a problem.

There's no dough in the fridge. (आता)   /no

So what do you do?

You google how to do it! /XD

I'll make it easier for you and just give you the method. :)

There's no hard and fast rule to kneading dough.
Just go slow and steady.

If you have 2 cups of flour, you will need less than 1 cup of water. The trick is to pour it in 1 tablespoon at a time and knead.
At first it'll look like a soggy mess, somewhere between powder and puree. But it gets better as you knead more.

To make your dough more pliable, add a tsp of ghee.

Simply keep adding water and knead till it resembles the consistency of play-dough. Its not necessary to use up all the water. Just use enough to bind it all together.

Credits to

Credits to
I hope this is what your atta looks like!

If by mistake it becomes soggy and un-usable, just keep sprinkling more atta till you can bind it up.
The atta should be like a ball that you can pick up and chuck!

Its that simple! /nobigdeal

Just put into a box with a lid and refrigerate. Never leave it out in the summer, or else it'll rot. In the winters of Delhi, it fine!

Bon apetit!



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  1. What are those colored balls ? did u add color in that dough for colored roties ? :)

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