Childhood Crushes.

Joaquin Phoenix

Mark Ruffalo
Drew Barrymore
Noah Wyle

These are the people I was MAD about when I was young...Now all of them are old and wrinkly, but I still love them :)

Joaquin Phoenix in Ladder 49, Noah Wyle in ER, Drew Barrymore for like everything she did, Mark Ruffalo for all those rom-coms! *Sigh*

I also liked Richard Gere, but after a point, he got do I put it...ummm...Repetitive! Like it was fun watching him and all, but he sorta lost his charm.
Ditto with George Clooney.

The Swoon factor :P  If I were a man, I would've died for Drew Barrymore. I really would have! /XD

Well, I'm done with this silly and nonsensical post! Back to work now!


P.S. I used to come home from school and watch ER till like 6 or something. It had George Clooney and Noah Wyle. Come on. Judge me. On top of that, it was a medical drama! Things don't get better than that for an adolescent whose life comprises of school and home and nothing in between!


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  1. even i like Drew Barrymore...i have few wallpapers of hers which I luv...

  2. Anonymous says:

    thats a cool post :D

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