Is he "Trying" to take on Tom Cruise?

I just watched the DON 2 - Mujhko pehchanlo me hun don (that song.)
Not only do I hate SRK for ruining a Classic and for his utter inability to do anything original, (I want a refund for Ra-One!) I also hate the fact that he bores the shit out of me trying to sell everything. (Remember that LUX campaign?)

This time, he's trying to take on Ghost Protocol.

A foreign locale, lots of advertising showing action sequences.

The bike, the big hair, all that "machismo" oozing out.

The firang girl, the gang-lords, the superhero moves and the single-handed defeat of the bad guys.

See the similarity?


 Not to mention that Tom Cruise still looks great at his age and is more believable as Ethan Hunt!

I don't know much about the storyline of DON 2 and I don't think I would be caught dead watching it, but please! Shouldn't this guy like stop with the Action Hero stuff already? I mean Ra-One was utter crap.

Mr.Shahrukh Khan. if you're reading this, PLEASE! STOP popping up on every channel, youtube, billboard, dhaba-board, tissue paper (whatever your advertising guys tell you is a good medium to exploit!)

On top of that, the 3D tag. This kind of sums up my feelings for "3D" films.
The Oatmeal.
This too.


Gah. Stop it dude. Nobody cares anyways.
Its damn easy to buy off critics and papers and everything when you're Shahrukh Khan.
The few movies I have been to, had EMPTY halls. How dare you advertise your film as a "record-breaking-smash hit-god-awesome-thingamajig"?

Please! Retire man.

I'm done.

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