Thrifty Chocolate chip Cookies!

Something I got off google.
 If you, like me are a chocolate-lover, you shall understand the predicament I am in.

With every trip abroad, come kilos of chocolates.

And anything you can imagine.

I should probably get myself checked for my Chocolate - Hoarding tendencies. :(

But I had a brain-wave today!

I had become pretty depressed after opening the door to my freezeer and finding it chock full of Chocolates.
But as I'm returning to hostel tomorrow and I needed some comfort food,
Chocolate chip cookies came to my head!

A better marriage of two ideas has never been made :D

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  1. Ooooh! I better stop coming to your blog before opening fast. Me a chocoholic too.My fav is lindt's sea salt one.That's like heaven and also hotel cocolate ones and also good ol bounty and reese and peppermint patty...ok you see I have a problem. Here r some virtual chocolates for u.(hehe!its payback time:. But only read it with a chocolate in hand.

  2. Oh! Ramadan Kareem :)

    My favourite's the Lindt 90% Dark. Or any chocolate dark enough. Or anything chocolate.

    You see where I'm going with this!

    Chocolate is the best thing that happened to women. Don't you think?

    Enjoy yourself!

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