Life is so fragile.

I was just talking about Sadness, Despair and Pain a few hours ago.

Little did I know that I would open up facebook and scroll down the news feed and come across a really shocking post.

Social rules are so vague.

We mourn our close ones, but what about those, whose lives we touch for a fraction of the time we do for our friends?

Those people who fall into the category "Acquaintances"?

The post I'm talking about is the death of someone I knew in a similar manner.
As he was my (then) boyfriend's real close friend.

We must've spoken on the phone a few times. He was a really chummy sort. But that was the extent of our interaction.

Its been a long time since I spoke to my ex. We do keep in touch, but its in a very casual manner. But he's someone I truly respect. We've both matured now. He has a special place in my heart that is immovable.

And today when I spoke to him, the pain he had to go through simply rent my heart.

My (ex) friend was supposed to be in the car with him. And he simply left early and was spared. He's hurt as hell. But I wish him all the strength and fortitude to come through this.

Was it right?

Snatching away someone so cruelly.
Snuffing a young life out like a candle.

His parents are distraught. His brother who was with him in the car, survived. Should we be thankful to God for this?

Its something I hope nobody has to go through.

Please pray for his soul and his family's.

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  1. that's why we should always care about it.. never take for granted.. sad to know about his ending.. RIP..

  2. Shocking. And painful for everybody.

  3. I'm sorry to hear that. May God help his family come to terms with this awful tragedy.

  4. This is sad and may he rest in peace...

  5. It is. I'm sure he's happy wherever he is.

  6. Abhishek Gupta says:

    may he RIP...after reading it am thoughts came to my mind...

    Yesterday I learnt a truth.
    Sitting in the patio, counting the happiness of my life,
    There came a post to my eyes,
    That my joys came with rues.
    He was one of my own, but faces change in no time.
    Those few seconds were like hours,
    My closed ones filled in every moment,
    Death was not the cause of sadness,
    But thoughts were.
    Everything was like a horrible dream,
    But it was the truth.

  7. Abhishek, you should start a blog of your own!
    You write really well!

    And am I supposed to read between the lines?

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