Boyfriend Clothes.

Disclaimer: All the views expressed are solely mine. Just like my future boyfriend's clothes.

I love the way men dress.
Especially in Pinks and Mauves!
(I know you're nodding in agreement as you're reading this!)

"Clothes maketh a man" or don't they?

Lets face it.
Most of our(girls) clothes are restrictive and figure hugging. :(

  • Skinny jeans.
  • Tanks
  • Even the tees we wear are cut in a curve. Not straight in the guy-ish sort of way!
  • Ditto for sleeves! They're always 3 inches shorter than a mans!
Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to make you throw out whatever you have in your closet in a fit of rage against clothes manufacturers!

I'm just trying to give you a very comfortable option for this hot summer!

Boyfriend clothes!

(Replace with Husband if you're married!)

The benefits so outweigh the potential losses!

Losses being your significant other prancing about in his underwear searching for that new check shirt he bought last month :P

I bought a few loose shirts sometime back from Kamla Nagar dirt cheap.

They feel amazing !

Like I float in them !

I feel like a pretty happy butterfly :D

I'll post soon about them!

Till then ,
Live unbound :P


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  1. I always wear my brother's t-shirts hehe

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