Janmashtami at hostel :)


Janmashtami as you know is the Birthday of Lord Krishna.
Bal-Gopal ji :)

I'm not really religious, cuz my mum/dad never enforced anything on me. But whenever mum asks me to fast or pray, i do it without question.

This is pretty much my first ever Janmashtami. Earlier it just used to be a day I wouldn't have to go to school!

Hostel is so much a melting pot of all cultures!
We celebrate Ramzaan, Baisakhi, Pongal and Durga pooja!

Girls keep "Saavan ke Somvar" ke "vrat" (fasts) so that they get awesome grooms :D

So today we had a lot of flowers and a little jhoola(Swing) on which a tiny baby God rested that was made by one of our very capable cooks at hostel!

Lots of songs, and an Aarti later, we had prasad distribution and then a quick photography session.
(We are girls after all :))

I wore a bright pink kurta and a dark blue salwar :) All things bright and beautiful types :D

I even sang an Aarti, although I didn't know it in its entirety :P

But it was realllllly enjoyable! Now ill run, we gotta go give the swing a little swing!
Happy Janmashtami to you all!

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  1. Happy janmashtami hon. You look beautiful. There must be delicious things to eat as well. Thanks for describing it so well :)

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