Sinking into the confusion.


I don't think this post will have the same up-beat flavor as it usually does. Maybe because I'm swamped with work, or that I am feeling a little out of sorts. Blame the sluggish weather :(

I was sitting in one of the last lectures of the day, ESS as we abbreviate it.

The teacher had just started her lecture and as this is the part that requires minimal attention, I was conserving it and thinking about something else.

As I love graphs, My chart:

And I was thinking about some dark elements in my life.
Its so funny.

These objects sort of have a living force.
The more you think about them, the more energy they gain.
The more powerful they become, the harder it is to get out of their clutches.

It was then that the teacher asked me a question.

It shook me out of my reverie. Just cut short the beginning confusion.  :)

I answered it correctly.

Probably some parallel part of my thinking process was still connected to the present.

Now, a few hours later, when I think about it, would I have fallen prey to misery and darkness?
Given in to the cloud of sadness that was beginning to descend on me?

I hope not.

But I was brought back to humbling reality instead. I have to study :) I have a life to live. A life that is tugging me into the present.

The Past is dead, and I should let it stay that way.

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  1. I experience it daily, i guess ur concluding lines hits the bull's eye.... rather we got to take our past and work upon towards better future.. 2 much gyan i suppose.. rock on.. :)

  2. :)

    Yup. As I was just reminded, life is too short and fast to live in the past.

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