The Shopkeeper's Dad.

I pass this General Store on my way to my coaching class. And being a hosteler, I do require the odd shampoo, chips, pen, pencil etc.

The guy at this shop is quite stingy with money.
For example, If I buy 10-15 things, and the total is 303 rupees, he will take exactly 303 from me.
Not one paisa less.

This kind of thing irritates me cuz I really don't carry change around and have to buy a toffee or two that I really don't need in order to round off the total.

The man at the counter never gets up to get something. He just sits there keeping sums.

There are two young boys who work there. They are his sons.

Many a times I'm in a hurry and sometimes have to repeat my order. Once I even (albeit a bit rudely) told them to hire more people to help, cuz they were clearly unable to handle so many people at once.

Today I was at the shop again.
Love it or hate it, You must do business with them :)

I saw one of the sons carrying his dad on his shoulders and making him sit in his corner.
Thats when realization dawned on me.

That "stingy" shopkeeper no longer had use of his legs.
He had to be carried around like one of the sacks of rice that lie in his shop.

He had the patience to wait. To wait to be bathed. To be taken to the loo. To wait for doing the most basic of tasks that we do.

To move.

And I would find the 15 minute wait hard.

We've all become so accustomed to running. Haven't we?

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  1. Ooh that was touching. You're right. I'm the most impatient person I know.

  2. Yeah.. I hope I learn a lasting lesson from this..

  3. bhag bhag d.k bose...everyone is in a hurry!!....everyone is at fault...just trying to out-do each other !!....people need to chill...~~

  4. i knew this was coming from you.

  5. Great post Jill. Very well written.Makes you think about everything we take for granted and forget to count our blessings.Thanks for sharing.

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