How to wash clothes at Hostel.

  • Dear Hostel-dweller.

I completely understand the predicament you are in.
Clean, ironed and sweet smelling clothes are a rarity at hostel.

Those who can actually maintain a clean wardrobe are Gods. Bow to them.

So I have a hack for you.

You, yes you over here, can actually achieve this.

Its damn simple.

  • Just wash the clothes that day itself.
  • Dont pile up clothes.The mess won't magically disappear. It'll just tire you.
  • Put in 2 spoonfuls of washing powder.
  • Fill the bucket with water. Make a lot of bubbles!!!!
  • Put all the clothes into a bucket after checking that the colours don't run. *
  • Make sure you're alone.
  • Now stand in the bucket. Grip a tap. (I'm not mad)
  • And do chap chap in the water!
  • Yup!
  • You heard me right! Just stand in it and bash the hell out of your clothes by stomping on them!
  • Exercise plus Clean Clothes!

I wish you a happy future of clean clothes and sexy thighs. <3

Sure test of colours that run : Wet the suspicious article and then squeeze the water out of it. Watch the colour of the water. If it doesn't look coloured, chill. If it does, then you and that cloth have to have a private meeting. (Just wash it separately dude!)

Best of luck!

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  1. Kam says:

    And wear helmet while doing that :)
    Nice idea.

  2. Lol!

    Now Helmet, I did NOT think of :D

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