Random Poem : 1

Climb the stairs to push open the door.
It says Room no. 4.

Find a seat under the teacher's nose,
Or else, surely, Ill doze.

Quant or LRDI,
looks the same to the un-trained eye.

Some scratch their heads or stare glassy-eyed,
Some stare at girls, or just while away their time.

I'm like the Tiger pouncing at its kill,
Thats only in the English class, my friend.

As subdued as a cow,
Through endless fields of numbers, I try to plough. :(

The clock strikes six,
And I run out for my daily fix.

An espresso shot from the nearby Cafe,
Reanimates me from the dead.


2 Responses so far.

  1. Funny and arduous. Keep the hunt on. :)

  2. Form filling Frenzy has struck me.


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