To Be Capable Of Wonder.

How infinitely important it is to wonder! :)

To not be amazed, is to not live at all!

The world is out there, throwing the good and bad at us. Its all amazing if you think about it.

I tend to dwell and sink into the bad side of things - usually. 

It comes with my pragmatic nature and careful approach. 


Wonder and Merriment - go hand in hand - They're extremely necessary to feel.

They're there if you look carefully.

They may be in :

The wonder you see in your partner.

In feeling the wet grass beneath your feet.

In a beautiful song.

Or a warm cup of tea.

All these stimuli.

Its so important to let them overwhelm you !

Life is about those moments that amaze you. Even if its when you're sitting curled up in sheets, and thinking about something/someone you have.

I sometimes spend entirely too much time on brooding.

I want to be amazed.
I can be amazed.

And those wonderful things aren't that hard to find :)

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