Playing The Blame-Game.

Things will keep happening.
Life is dynamic.
Its a sum of changes. 
It has no constants.

When things don't go according to plan, we hate it.

People like you and I are predisposed towards behaving in a certain kind of way - Blaming.

We're pros at playing the Blame-Game.

We blame Time.

We blame Money.

We blame People.

We blame Ourselves.

We blame Everything.

I'm one of you. I'm not any different. I blame and curse as well.
However, for some reason today, I thought a bit about this objectively. And I thought -

We blame. But why?

To get away? To shirk responsibility? Maybe.

To come to terms? To gain closure? Maybe.

To be save the guilt? Maybe.

I think its for Self-Preservation.

We're very proud of how we look. How important we are. How valuable self-esteem is to us.
We're hoarders - and we hoard wealth - in any form.

Any blows to our psyche can upset everything around us.

A bad mood can ruin a lot.

We're emotionally frail. Its true.

That's why we blame. Anything. 

Time and Money - Sure you know how and why we blame them.

But we blame ourselves too. Just to feel the pain that's strangely good for us. We go back and nit-pick at things and events gone by. We mentally bash ourselves into submission - because it feels powerful.

We're weird creatures. In our quest for Self-Preservation, we sometimes need to burn ourselves down to build ourselves back up.

I just hope that we always remember to re-create what we just destroyed.

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