A Few Ways To Stay Creative.

There are times when "Inspiration" gets replaced by "Frustration" in my life.

Creativity takes a hit and suffers in some dark corner of my soul :P

In such stressful times, I find that it helps to follow a few points :)

(P.S. I love making lists!)

~ Don't Force It - If its not there, it just won't come.

~ Try Free Writing - Stop correcting yourself. Just write. You can edit later.

~ Be Open - To experiences, to stimuli, to everything. That idea you need is just around the corner!

~ Complete it - I have endless sheets of unfinished poems, stories etc. I can't bring myself to throwing them away nor can I complete them. Its a bad cycle to get stuck in you know.

~ Clean something - Yourself, your room, I don't know...Anything! It somehow creates mental space for ideas to burgeon.

~ Sleep & Keep a bedside Diary - Resting and relaxing opens my mind to creative thoughts. Also, most of my best ideas come to me in bed! Dreams and thoughts are so hard to keep track of. A bedside diary or a journal is amazing for this!

~ Make Lists - They don't require that much commitment, or grammar. They're a good start to get the engine running!

~ Read or listen to Music - If you surround yourself with beauty and creativity, you're increasing your chances of being beautiful and creative too! (Transference anyone?)

~ Smile and think about your life - Count your blessings. Positivity helps! (Also what you do won't be just a macabre depiction of your life, out to bore your readers :P)

~ Get Feedback - Encouragement helps! 

~ Don't give up - Its wrong when people say that "Well begun is half done." In fact its easier to start than to complete. Completing takes conviction and commitment. Put it this way - If you can't commit to something (anything - an article, a project you started, whatever!) how well does that bode for everything else in your life?

If all else fails, refer to Point 1. Don't force it. Don't force anything ever :)

Stay Happy.

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