I know.

I know that I am a little lost.

A little cryptic too.

A bit preoccupied, of course.

And a little bit blue.

I am young right now.

But forever, I wont be.

A winding path, for myself to show.

Where it takes, we'll see.

I know that I'm listless.

A little bit screwed.

With words restless,

I am a song, unwritten too.

To be complete.

Is an end I long for.

To be replete.

With memories to sing of.

I confuse you for much more.

Dear Life,

I fight and sometimes I lose,

Left disappointed and sore.

But not all who wander are lost,

And all who are lost, want to be found.

Leaving things behind is a cost.

In saying this, I might even sound unsound.

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  1. Like it! Sometimes, it is in these moments of confusion that we find ourselves and realize the things that actually matter to us.

    Keep writing!

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