Socials at Kirorimal College - Afterword.


I'm sore from the high heels and all the dancing and President-giri! But here I am, rapping out stuff and stuff and stuff on how I feel/ what I want to say/blah blah!


The socials were, well, completely contrary to our expectations!
We expected weirdish guys gawking and everything, but to my surprise, everybody was cordial and friendly. I mean boys will be boys, but they were quite gentlemanly! The guy there, who was the Cultural Sec, kept asking me if everything was fine, if the girls needed anything, etc etc. Extremely sweet guy!
I even got a gift from them, a Best Couples thing, with the same guy.

(According to my juniors, he was the best looking out of them, but I really don't remember what he looks like now! /blur )

The food was good, the DJ awesome. Which was the best part about the whole evening.

They had this thing in which a girl had to get up and pick her date. When I was asked to do so, I just got up and asked their Warden Sir. :D
He was blushing and what not! But he was so sweet to us! Like thank you to all the beautiful girls of DRCH etc etc!

Best response I could make when confronted with the situation!

This is what I wore today. Its a pic I've taken right now so please excuse the tired look! Im just ready to sleep! Oh and the room is in a mess too. /XD

One more thing merits a mention : The guy there, he was extremely cordial. Not once did he like act smart or anything with me.
As it was obscenely cold that night, I had asked him to get us heaters if he could. The poor boy got those for us as well! The boys there weren't asked once whether they wanted them or not!

They also made juniors serve coffee to us. :P

Lots of special treatment for special girls - They said.

I'm really glad they put up such a great picture of their hostel and shattered a lot of our misconceptions abut them.
Throughout the event, there was a lot of attention given to me because I am the President and all but it was great cuz not once did I feel weird about it. Nobody asked me for my number or any crap.
No cheesy pickup lines either.

One more thing  : There was this guy who was going crazy. He kept on trying to approach me with flowers.  I was on my guard but I observed that I did not need to. A lot of guys were restraining him from doing so. That really is commendable. We felt protected and safe.
They had sent a bus to pick us up and drop us. The best part, when we were leaving, all the boys had a sad look on their faces :)
All of them waved to us in goodbye with the same look on their face!

It was a great experience for all of us and I hope we get to see more of life at DU this year.
I think accepting their invitation and not sticking to the stereotypes about them was the best idea I have had all month!


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