What is written without effort, is often read the same way!

Well, Its my first birthday post!

I'm 20 now, adieu teenage you!

I've got a HUGE list of things to do, now that my year has 'officially' started!

This birthday has been...well...surprising! /dignose

Cuz after a lot of tears and unhappiness, the 14th took an unexpected twist!
3 cakes to cut, the usual madness, gifts!

I realized a lot of stuff this time and the year too has been quite eventful!

But the hardest part about all of this was to stay the same.
To preserve what the words" I "and  " Me" are to me.

That despite the best times, friends do fade, but then, some crazy-ass people re-ignite all that again!
And its best to let the ghosts go and settle into one's memories....

Also that sometimes taking the long way homeisn't the best of approaches. 
You do miss out on the race that people are running around you.

I mean to say that being content with what you are shouldn't stop you from trying for first place!
This is something that I have learnt, the hard way, and intend to fully understand.

On Love :
There is no space in my life for a guy right now and I intend to keep it that way. Why the complications!?
Isn't it better to experience life alone? On your own? Without your view getting distorted?


Not to mention, human beings can be downright evil to each other at times. Some scars, never fade. 
Why tempt fate to puncture my happy single-dom?

On the the other hand, it can be a beautiful experience, but for me, it should be one of understanding, of growth, of variety, of plenty, and of longitude! I can't call changing boyfriends, love!
(Also, I don't like relationship-clutter and hence, no speed-dating please!)

I pride myself at having gone through these years of college this way. 
Its so unexpected from a girl like me, who loves dressing-up and shopping as much as she does Othello and Anna Karenina!
Well, I do love breaking stereotypes! /hmm

Just a few months to go, and I'll be a graduate.
Today, I feel like I'm back in class 12, with everything coming to a close and A girl on the lookout for the next place to shine.

The path to take next is so in the dark, but I'd like to view this as temporary darkness that'll vanish peice by peice.
The way a curtain gets raised, slowly, before a performance.

I maybe 20, but baby, I'm not done!


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