The Case of sending the Fox to guard the Hen-house.


As you must have gauged by now, I've got a very naughty mind that only takes a minute to plan another खुराफात !
Ever since my 1st year at college, I've never backed down or given up an opportunity to make trouble!
There have been times when I've broken open locks to the terrace, put पक्का रंग inside the shower lid - much to the dismay of the holi-reveler, lied my ass off, helped fabricate stories, created a ruckus in the metro with my friends, छेदो-d boys etc etc !

But now that I'm a Third year and also the Hostel President, it sometimes is so hard to reprimand the juniors for misdemeanour!

I mean I was one of them! And I completely understand their need for fun!

Seeing my predicament, I can totally identify with the adage about the fox who was sent to guard the hen-house. /no

Its so hard not to follow your instinctive need for craziness!
I guess a mature (20? year-old) would channel this excitement into creativity. I really want to see my hostel do well.... people evolve into a something better...especially the juniors.

Soon I'll be gone, but I do want to leave a few thoughts behind......


Its my birthday tomorrow, which comes every year, so its not a big deal anymore. :)

Gone are the days when colourful streamers adorned my room and there would be a party thrown for all the kids of the colony.
The pinatas, the Monginis cakes, the discounted (cuz-you-bought-bulk!) return gifts!

Those days... when you would be the star of your birthday!

Today, out of the phrase "Birthday-Party", only the "party" remains.  /dignose

Somehow, its not me. It has never been.

Parties with crazy-ass music, endless drinks and a usual sense of delirium aren't me.
(Not that I misjudge people who like them!)
To each his own, right?

That brings me to think what my ideal day would be like.

Its gotta have food, for one! /XD
A clear room, with some great books, coffee and dark chocolate.
Add some toasty warmth of the sun and I'm happy!

So much for the stereotypes associated with me. :)

Maybe the "जंगली- जवानी of yesterday has finally decided to sober down.

Or maybe NOT!

My split personalities are acting up again.

On this note,

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