Socials at Kirorimal College and some new things I've done.


I'm soon gonna be going to Kirorimal college for their socials and I hope its good! I mean, we have so many stereotypes associated with the boys around here, that they just see the specifics and run after the girl, that they're uncouth, rude and perverted! Hope the boys don't disappoint us! Well, DRC too has a reputation of being a "behenji" college, which is funny, cuz the girls here are as fashion forward as any girl in DU might be.

We're just so closeted away from the rest of the social scene, that people think the worst!

Now that our college's Dram-Soc Memesis has won 1st prizes at so many fests (and our Dance-teams and many more!) maybe people are sitting up and taking notice.

I'm not too excited that they are doing so, mainly because we didn't care for the attention either-ways and simply went on with our lives!

But yes, a tradition will be laid down with this, and next year, our juniors will get offers from other colleges as well.
Its a good Hostel tradition to have. :)

All this Decision-Making! I feel I've grayed so much!
I mean, just yesterday, I had a fight with a very close friend over some masti she was doing. On other days, I would've simply joined her. No questions asked!

But that day, I felt that grown-up part of me kick in and reprimand her.

I'm still a naughty trouble-maker, but I do want to sit down and collect my thoughts too. Wish the fabric of time would stretch to make way for both.

Its all good, and some of it isn't too bad. But this is Life I guess.
Its an all-encompassing dichotomy for me, and the duality exists everywhere.


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