The Weirdest thing EVERRRR!

Have you ever gone mad laughing in a LAB?

I'm talking about hysterical, maniacal, Put-me in-a-straight-jacket type laughter!

They so would've!

I'm down with viral(?) and lazing around at home..But I had to go to the Hospital to get some tests done.

Diagnosis aint here yet but they've given me the common antibiotics.

That and I'm ODing on Cough syrup :P they couldn't find my vein in either of the arms.

The guy got frustrated and If mum and dad hadn't been there, I swear he would've poked me with the fat needle and taken it from anywhere!

He instead called the head to come down.

Now let me tell you, these guys are geniuses!

They broke the needle, stuck it near me knuckles and squeezed the blood out.

Yup. They did that!

I was freaked out, but more than that this novel situation was taking a toll on my already tender senses!

Maybe it was the disinfectant in the air.

Or the sight of blood.

I don't know!

But I just went mad laughing :D

Results awaited!
Hope its nothing crappy!


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  1. You laughed...:) Right now, you're sounding so childlike...sweet:)

  2. Awwww! Thanks :D

    My reports come today.
    I'm so happy lazing around at home that I almost don't wanna get well :P

  3. It happens...When I don't want to do things, even I tell my husband that I 'm not well. He knows my trick but he still falls for it:)

  4. Your husband surely gets the brownie points!

    How sweet of him!

    Dad does the same thing. But in this case, my brother and I are put to work instead :'(

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