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So I've finally been able to shake off the lethargy induced by a week of Viral and Home Cooked food and get back to work, studying and blogging.


STUDYING being the key word here, My friends mostly ask me for information about various exams and stuff and I keep asking around too. Today I'll put it all in a lucid format for you to peruse.

Hope its helpful!


What you require:

  • The Official TOEFL book.

  • Any Audio lessons on vocabulary building. Also watch as many Hollywood Movies as you can( If Mom stops you, tell her its for the listening section :D)

I have personally used the two, the Word Master is available from other sources (*wink*) if you're creative enough :)

TOEFL is nothing but a simple test of English. Really, it requires nothing but confidence and gut-judgement.
The real daddies are the CATs and XATs of this world that pose questions that neatly take out your middle stump.

In India, its "ibt"- an internet based test.
The breakup is as follows:
  • Reading-60 to 100 mins and 36 to 70 questions
  • Listening-60 to 90 minutes and 34 to 51 questions
  • Break of 10 minutes
  • Speaking 20 minutes and 6 tasks
  • Writing 50 minutes and 2 tasks
It may have changed but the last time I checked, this was the format.

There is this site Toefl prep material(free) and its an official place for it.
There is also a call centre service for Indian Test Takers: 000-800-100-3780 Toll free

Also here is the link to the official stuff:

Fee: $165
Check the dates and Apply online at : ETS-TOEFL

Best of luck!

Inevitable Disclaimer: I don't endorse anything and its just me putting together what I know. When in doubt keep an open mind and follow your own judgements.

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