The Perfect cup of Tea.

Tea/ Chai/ Cutting/ Cha.

Cal it whatever depending on how Anglicized you deem yourself to be :)

Its the staple of every cubicle dweller / hosteler.
The perfect way to transition within the day.

Tea always makes my day.

Its something I nurse when I'm stressed or ill.    /omg
Its something I drink when/while I'm doing something important.   /blur
Its perfect for sipping with a smile on my face.     /XD


Not to mention, I like staring at people over a cup of tea too. Lends a grown-up air :)   /shock

My mum makes the awesome-est tea in the world!

The perfect colour , aroma and taste !

I had it after sooo many days today.
The effect - HAPPINESS!


Me making pasta tonight. Trying to convince mum to let me use a small amount of garlic/onion :P


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  1. i love ginger tea!!!atlast i have learnt making it..

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