Can a man really let go?

This post is inspired by incidents from my life(which is still young, but not lacking in breadth of experiences /nobigdeal  ) and another post by Virgin Cerebellum.

We love them. We hate them.

"They'll run after anything with two legs!" "They're stones!" "What would he know?" "He obviously isn't mature enough / understanding enough/ he's possessive / he's clingy / he's cold."
Haven't we heard it all?

Its very easy to generalize and separate men into three categories: The Goods, The Bads and The Maybes.

What is similar between men and women is that we both start treating love as the highest goal in life.

However, women are better equipped at filling the vacuum left behind after a relationship is lost. We have a natural tendency to be pragmatic, move on, focus elsewhere- on kids, on our careers.

How many times have you seen men venting? They do internalize grief and pain.
They cant go to the Ladies room and cry with girlfriends! Mostly it comes out with a bit of careful coaxing by a friend.

I can be a pretty dense at times, in the matters of the heart. Maybe I haven't been swept off my feet or I just don't believe in the whole concept.

My priorities are clear to me. Stand on your feet first. Then see.

Its in such a situation that I ignored the advances of a boy unknowingly.
All I felt was an intrusion of space and that I didn't have time to spend on outings/ phone as my exams were coming up.

My way of dealing, get away from him.

I met him a day back.
He came under the pretext of returning a novel I had. I obviously saw through it, but agreed.

I really didn't want to talk about anything as I really like to let sleeping dogs lie, but it was very clear from his words that he did feel something for me. And he had been stuck since the time I stopped speaking to him. And that it was important for him to vent.

Maybe I shouldn't have taken such a blunt go at the situation and quit talking. But it saved us the arguments and denial and forced politeness.

In the end, I don't hold any grudges. I'm just too far removed from all this in my present state of mind.

But what lingers in my mind is that guys really get stuck in the limbo and its hard for them to recover/ escape.

So before we judge them and categorize them, know that some of them really do have their hearts over their heads. And treat them with caution. Or you'll cause indavertent harm like I did.

I really hope he finds someone more reciprocative the next time.


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  1. I think if the guy really loves a girl then he is more than serious...But, life has its own way and he will find someone...

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