Life is too beautiful to waste on Regret.

In order to understand Life around me, I draw parallels between people and things and occurrences.

I have found a consistent pattern of dissatisfaction amongst most of my teachers.

But its not just limited to them, I see it in my classmates, in the Matron of my Hostel and many other places.

My teacher at the coaching I attend constantly tells us (in muted words of course) how he wishes life had turned out to be differently for him, how he Regrets so many things he's done/ not done, how hard its been for him etc etc and that all he is doing is teaching CAT level English.

Job satisfaction: Is it a myth in this country?

Some of my college Professors, aged 50+ , they really lack drive and industry experience.

Maybe circumstances are to be blamed, maybe they lost the drive lond ago, or maybe they didn't care to start with!

But the transference is what bugs me.

Yes, I would n't like to see a rosy picture of life every time I asked.

But Life isn't black or/and white.

Its a range of colours.

I would really like to see the hues in between.

I hope my teachers would sometimes talk about how rewarding they have found their career so that we can see that there are two sides to every story.

"I so wish I hadn't done that. I so wish I'd said that. I'd acted sooner / let him or her go."

In the end, isn't life one big AVERAGE?
The ups and downs cancelling each other?

#Going to work, but being able to pay your child's fees.

#Failing in maths, but doing great at renaissance Literature.

#Missing a flight, but getting time to just chill.

#Being lonely, but meeting a beautiful, intelligent girl and having a lively converstaion with no strings attached.

#Being in a an average place, but making the best of your opportunities.

It all depends on one's perception.

We can either say : "To live is to Suffer" 


"Its these experiences that have made this Suffering divine."

Aradhna   /bye

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  1. We always feel grass is greener on other side or under circumstances we can't do what we wish to. Nicely written especially the touch of colors in range.

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