The Unspoken Word and LTGTR.


It is true that experiences mould you over the length of your life.
Having new experiences is great ; even necessary.
But doesn't this make a lot of things "second nature" to us? If everything has been said, and even more, heard, where is the scope of living something new?

In such a case, we should wrap up our life within 20 years (say) and bid goodbye to the world!

Thankfully, such a grim reality doesn't exist outside the mind, though I feel many may disagree with me.

Change can be around us or within us. And I guess thats where the written word comes in. 
It allows you to stretch reality and contort it into various patterns. 
It helps you merge the edges of emotion with wit, helps us evoke new responses in lieu of the cold truth. 
It allows you to look objectively at Change and internalize it as a part of your psyche.

Sometimes what one person has written, can mirror another persons feelings.
The right words can echo in your mind longer than any sound, or be the light that guides you through the tunnel.
Sharing is the fundamental basis of living ; you share food, love, pain, books, music and so many things.
Its the sharing of experiences, of opinions, of the unspoken words inside each of our hearts, that makes LTGTR.
Writing is the flux that shakes up the dull fabric of our existence ; that makes us question the obvious and pass over stereotypes.

If all our experiences through life are averaged, the good times do exceed the bads. Its the same way at our magazine. Experiences, both good or bad, find a place here.

As I said at the beginning of my article, If all experience becomes second nature, where is the scope for experiencing something new?
The solution to this problem is to generate that 'something new',to create by writing.
It becomes easier when you have LTGTR as that fabric to paint on. The unspoken word is heard here.

Here is the link to the magazine :
Let The Good Times Roll.


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  1. Ah! Let the good times roll then!! Cheers to the fabric that never gets cluttered!

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