My Laptop has grown a hide. :P


My package arrived within 2 DAYS of ordering! Imagine how elated I was. :)

I ordered this one cuz regardless of where I am or what I'm doing (or supposed to do!) I end up writing i.e. Tap-tapping!

I fancy myself as a Typist at times, bent on killing the keys!

The skin came in a 10.1 inch size, properly packed and all. :)
The skin had to be cut and shaped according to size. But I could do it. (Not rocket science!) /nobigdeal
I cleaned the surface as vigorously as I could, then put it on the way it had been shown on the site. Easy-peasy, though I did get a bubble or two. Thank God they are tiny!

But there you have it. 
Le Typwriter! 

Me happy and people stop and check out laptop.
Paisa - Vasool!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    You are truly awesome!!!keep blogging

  2. The best part is, I can take it off and put something else!

  3. THANKS! :D Thats really sweet of you.

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