The Friends We Lose In The Journey To 'Today'.

Growing up, I was always a very creative child.
I revelled in the glory of crayons, tubs of paint and blank canvasses.
I wanted to create, with anything and everything I could lay my hands on.
While my friends would spend their time on the swings, I would enjoy collecting the wet mud from underneath those swings. That was like clay for me, to be moulded as I desired.

As I grew up, I changed cities, schools, friends and as a consequence, my hobbies.
Even art periods in school were never conducive to what I really wanted to do.
Art teachers would ask me to paint a subject - mostly it was an apple on a table.
I would be careful to paint within the lines, while all that my heart really wanted to do was make bold strokes, that blurred the edges of what was supposed to be right or wrong.

Today, I am able to achieve satisfaction in this area by indulging in cooking.
I create with these two hands that I have been given.
It thrills me.
It completes me.

But there are a few friends that I lost on the way here.
I had to make a few trade-offs - time is valuable you see.
I had to cull away my creativity in order to give time to more pressing matters.
Education - and by this I mean "good" marks.
So that I can get into a college of repute.
Then a job.
And so on.

But Creativity is a part of me.
It has been my friend in those dark hours that plague most of us from time to time.
It has been an escape from the dreary reality that is sometimes too much to bear.
It has been a wonderful mirror to my thoughts.

I realized this today - You can't cull it away.
You can bottle it.
You can water it down.
But it will escape and astound you with what it can do.

I thought I'd forgotten how to sketch.
Until something I saw (a comic) - inspired me to try my hand at recreating it.

I realized how much I missed the feel of drawing paper. 
The slightly rough surface, designed to hold your pencil strokes forever.
It is forgiving and does not judge you.
It can contain your fevered mind in its strength.
You just need to trust it and start inking.

This is what I created.

And I feel amazing to know that my skills are not gone. They need a little bit of nurturing and reassurance.
But they've never left me.

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