We've all got a story to tell.

Fears to share.

Things to shout about from mountain tops.

I personally love writing about what I feel as opposed to saying it.

Maybe I'm more of a 'close your eyes and feel' person.
And when I close my eyes, I can see what I feel flash before my very eyes..

I do try to say what I feel at times.. Try and express myself in a way that is more prevalent and in use.

But nothing beats the feeling of putting your pen to paper and bleeding your emotions to make the ink that stains those pages.

Words spoken seem to float away in empty space. While writing them down traps them forever.

I prefer to be certain and remember what I felt ,than to let it pass.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Saying and Writing both I feel is the way to Say What I feel..But Even I am not that good at showing emotions but while writing I can pour out everything I have in my Heart..

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