A Happy Ending.


If you know me, then you might've observed two very obvious things about me.

1. I'm a little illogical at times.
2. I tend to stick hard to my theories.

Don't mistake this as some Emo-phase brought on post!
Its just about something very small that happened to me this Saturday!

I'm sure you all remember Peppy? Those awesome golden balls of cheese that we spent our childhoods eating? We never had these "Baked. Not Fried" slogans blaring at us! We just had what we wanted.

Instant gratification. Short and simple.

Well, I wanted just that. But the timing was wrong.

As it happens, I was reading and realized that I was a bit hungry. It wasn't enough to drive me into the kitchen to start cooking though. I mean I wanted something out of a box or rather a packet! And this just fit the bill!
I quickly called up the grocery store in my complex to ask whether they had it. The problem : He didn't have it with him and I knew he was shutting shop in 5 minutes.

Now the uncle at the shop is really old, and when I called up he was kinda expecting me to come down to the shop. He's really nice and I somehow felt that the least I could do was go and get some bread and eggs.

I went downstairs and there at the counter was this big and fluffy pack of Peppy sitting right there :) Turns out he knew about this little quirk of mine and had asked his helper to get it from the warehouse for me.

I quickly paid and left, but for some reason, I felt so happy!
That's the illogical part of me you know. There was nothing special about this little event maybe. But I still feel happy about it! Its like when you want something so bad and you know that it might not happen and you try a little and suddenly... you've got it!

My theory for this is that maybe when you do something with good intentions, Good comes back to you. Maybe it requires just a thought. It may require some action. But if it exists in any tiny corner of your being, it can pull Good towards you.
With that, I hope you had a great Diwali! (and recovered your energy this weekend!)

Keep thinking!

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  1. Aww.. that was sweet of the shopkeeper! Yes, good things do come back to us :)
    Love your blog!

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