Figuring out Birthday Gifts.

Its doesn't sound like much effort, but believe you me. Its hard deciding on something worth putting your emotions into. While selecting something, you want to know whether it will be elicit a response like this or this :

I'm gonna go berserk now.
Omg Omg! You did THAT for me?!?!

Getting back to the point, when I buy gifts for people, I want those gifts to have some real value in their lives. I've suffered through many years of useless crap being prettily packaged and chucked at me. I know how it feels.

Then there's the pressure. Some of it is self-generated of course. I mean I could just finish my job with a some standard gift and rest in peace. But nooo! I will stalk that person's facebook and put up very lame questions (that everybody sees through! /XD) in order to find the Holy Grail of gifts.
In such a case, this rant/post seems unjustified cuz its always Aradhna Mangla who brings upon Untold Misery upon herself!

But no.  /no
There's somebody up there who's also messing with me. All of a sudden, everything I'm clicking in the hopes of buying, has suddenly sold out! Those people out there ought to hire me. I seem to be really helping e-commerce nowadays, driving site traffic wild.

The one gift I really want to give though, cannot materialize. Now I feel like I'm trying to fill water in a cracked jug. It'll never fill. And my gift won't ever match up.



# Credits to owners of the above gifs where appropriate.

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  1. Nice way of expressing the innate feelings...

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