So what if I love to Eat and Read? (and in that order?)


I went to a family function this weekend and though it was great meeting everybody after such a long time, it did take its mental toll on me. /shock

Case in point being the endless 'aunty-talks'.
[They think you can't hear them and that's even worse!]

Part I:

Alright the food was amazing and I ate too much. I mean the waiters had to practically stop me from finishing the food by ignoring my looks of longing. The food was authentic Rajasthani cuisine in all its lovely Ghee-laden glory for crying out loud! Yes, I succumbed! Oh but it was such beautiful surrender....!

Those who know me will also know that my most  frequently used sentence in the day is "I'm hungry."
Tell me whats wrong with having a healthy appetite?
And add good (free) food to it and there you go.

Apparently all those aunties at the function had nothing to do but to watch me. One of them did say that I looked a bit fat. That I should eat less and exercise more. [I heard you woman!] /sweat

But tell me, who has the mental discipline to do crunches and lunges and squats and all those silly things?
I take a walk every now and then to burn the tension off. That and working non-stop throughout the day is pretty much the extent of my workout. No yoga for me man. Its just too damn somnolent! /dignose

I just have to say a few things.

I eat. I eat a lot. I eat many things. I'm not shy. I love food. We're best buds! Nothing you say will ever change that.

I prefer to have that tummy roll that is the side effect of too many Chocolate Fantasies. Yes, I know my limits too. But seriously. Live a little. The world would seriously be a happier place if we had enough (good) food (and water) for everybody.

Part II: The Inevitable.

The moment a girl gets tall in my family, the match-making aunties get together and start hounding her parents. My brother was called on to one side and interrogated about my age, qualifications and stuff. The creeps. I know what you're up to ladies. I'm watching you.

Thankfully Mum and Dad haven't paid much heed to them and are more concerned with me getting the best education they can provide me with. But you never know right?
Call it paranoia, but off late, I've been living under the constant fear of coming home one day and getting married off! /omg


The Bit about Reading :

I read a lot of stuff. From the 'unmentionable novels' :P to those doomed to obscurity till someone discovers their genius 50 years later, and best-sellers  (of course, who doesn't read them anyway!)
Reading is associated with 'widening one's horizons' and 'learning' in most parts of the modernized world. If I'm sprawled across an arm chair and immersed into a book, it doesn't mean that I'm lazy.

Well that kind of sums up my (fragile) mental state.
You take care :)


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